CDN crashes the internets

One problem with todays internet is how a few giant delivery networks handles much of the content that we take for granted just will be there. Internet is much more vulnerable then what most people assume.

…While an investigation is ongoing as to what the reason behind the outage might be, Fastly CDN has been seen as the common link.

Many of the impacted websites on the list rely on Fastly CDN to serve content.


Apples perfect world

I use and have used apple products – hey macos – but I also have to live in world where cost and functionality is an issue. And I work with and have to communicate with people not living in the apple closed eco-system. And yes i dont like to store my whole life on Apple servers.

In many ways Apple reminds me of a cult for middle-age senior executives living in northern California. So yes i agree with the rant below..

…Apple executives live in a perfect world where non-Apple products aren’t really a thing


Jeff Bezos goes into space

I think the The Space Industry is probably a future industry like how Silicon Valley was in the 60s and 70s. Everything from mining, micro-factories to zero-G labratories will be a nexus for investors and looks like will be dominated by a few companies and nations

..Bezos’ spaceflight company and space tourism competitor to Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, is aiming to launch its first crewed suborbital spaceflight on July 20.


I tried XBox Gamepass and i like it

If you are a casual gamer who like to try out new games but dont want to spend the big money to own the gamesss Xbox Gamepass is pretty nifty. I fell for a first month 1 USD try it out and its been fun testing new games I was curious on. So yes im keeping it for now at least – the 10 USD a month is not to expensive you can always cancel some other streaming service like netflix.. :)

And yes you dont need an Xbox – a modern windows computer with windows 10 works fine.

Link to article below

…Game Pass was pretty big last month, but even from that perspective, the last two weeks have been massive. Microsoft and Xbox’s subscription service is continuing Katamari-like trek through the game industry, scooping up titles at a rate that is actually beginning to approximate that fabled “Netflix of Game”


Is VR the future of entertainment?

With online and real life meshing together and many working remote permanently will that happen also to entertainment. Virtual concerts, comedy clubs where you meet as VR avatars with a performer. Or movies becoming interactive with a VR component

…Though it may seem as if Adventure Lab is mostly about the potential wellspring of social content, Adams is keen to have it spur a new kind of VR “gig economy for performers.” The idea being that comedians and actors — both famous and unknown — can leverage their popularity, set their own schedules and rates, and work “from the comfort of their couch.”


Do you want to be a hologram

It will be interesting to see if people are ready to do videomeetings as avatars. As someone who been a second life user its and old idea but maybe not for the ‘normies’

‘Imagine it’s time for a meeting. Instead of clicking on a Zoom or Google Meet link, you put on an AR/VR headset. And rather than stare at co-workers through tiny windows, you interact with their avatars in a virtual space and pass “objects” to one another.

That’s the vision for Mesh, a new cloud mixed-reality platform, officially announced Tuesday at Microsoft Ignite, the company’s annual developer conference.’


Do u need more socialmedia apps?

Another socialmedia hangout app (if u got ios) is clubhouse. Basically facebook for audio where u can hangout and talk to people if invited. But do we need or want more social media in our lifes?

And do we want to give more information to techcompanies especially with unclear privacy policies. Clubhouse also want u to upload ur contacts to there servers with apparently there backend in China.

In the end i guess the question is are socialmedia fun anymore?