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OK I’m taking a bit of a gamble here.  Going back to the first podcast I released, I discussed the issue of setting up a CrispyGeek merch store.  I’ve set up a PrintFul site and used their integration to basically bring a few products over and … we now have somewhat of a merch store.  Crosses fingers everything works :)

At the moment there’s a few clothing items and coffee mugs in the store.  Did order one of the t-shirts and it seems to have come out well enough.  If you see a product on PrintFul that you would like to see in the merch store, I think I could be convinced :)

I’m not looking to make millions out of this, but it seems that it was worth giving it a shot.  It’s either going to go alright or fail miserably :)  So if you’re keen, have a look here.

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