Facebook users can now petition oversight board to remove content

Facebook is allowing its oversight board to rule on moderation decisions relating to content that remains on its Facebook and Instagram platforms. Previously, the only rulings the board could issue were to restore content that moderators had removed.

The Facebook Oversight Board was established last year in response to concerns that the social media company wielded too much unchecked power over what content appeared on its site. Current board members include several law professors, executives from think tanks and nongovernmental organizations, a former US federal circuit judge, and the former prime minister of Denmark. The board is managed by an independent organization that the company seeded with $130 million.


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  • That_Bloke

    April 16, 2021 at 11:38 pm

    I got perma banned on Wednesday night, no specific reason given, the request review button deadlinks. I haven’t done or posted anything this year that could reasobly be claimed to have violated their stated TOS, 3/4 of the alleged infractions they had on me were overturned but they were still counted on my record, the only infractions I had that actually stuck were ones they slapped me with 3-4 years after the fact & were not against any stated TOS at time of posting.

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