What is this?

What I hope this site will build into is a site for geeky shenanigans.  I’m trying to recreate the types of communities that existed back in the days of the Bulletin Board Systems and on the forums before Social Media took over our lives.  Will it work?  Maybe

Why are you doing this?

Part nostalgia.  Part because.  Part why not?

Why a relaunch?

The original version of the site was a bit of a learning experience.  It started out OK but then dwindled.  Now I think I’m ready to give it another shot.

Is this site safe for work?

I wouldn’t recommend accessing this site at work.  We do encourage people to keep NSFW stuff to the appropriate parts of the forums, but some workplaces might not deem this sufficient.

Why The Cult of the Crispy Geek?

Because it sounds cool.  Roar means I love you in dinosaur.

Can I submit news for the front page?

Yes you can!  Just go here and fill in the blanks.  It will go into the queue to get approved.  We try and check this regularly.

Do you support Two Factor Authentication?

We do!  Edit your profile and scroll down to find the 2FA settings.