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Some software I’m not as fussed about being subscription. My antivirus for instance, which requires regular updating on a regular basis, is something I am not so fussed about because I at least get some sort of benefit.

I’m lucky with MS Office in that I was able to get a perpetual licence for Office 2016 before they started pushing Office 365. Quite frankly any modern version of Office will do me fine, the only update I could benefit from is one that will allow me to open newer file formats if that ever becomes an issue, otherwise it already has far more features than I could ever possibly use.  I’m kinda annoyed that I have to have subscriptions for Photoshop and Audition, I kinda wish they did the perpetual licensed still with no updates to new versions.

As for a subscription for a program that I’ve never heard of?  I would have to have an extremely compelling use case for that particular piece of software.


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