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I do pay for a subscription for Photoshop and Audition.  I kinda wish I could go for a perpetual license for those, but at the moment they’re software I use somewhat regularly.  At the moment it’s podcast editing for here, image cropping for the front page, and a few other things.  Combined I think it’s $15 a month for Photoshop, and another $20 for Audition, so it’s not going to send me broke but yeah … gone are the days of a perpetual license for Adobe products.  At least I get enough use out of these products for it to be worth the price, given I do other stuff with them on occasion as well.

For video editing, there’s the Vegas suite of products I’ve listed elsewhere which seems to come up regularly on special on Steam (seems to be a decent deal here at the moment).  They

If you’re not too keen on Office 36, SaveOnIT does still sell licenses for Office 2019.  They also do Kaspersky Internet Security fairly cheaply as well (even cheaper if you only need one machine).  I’ve used them before for both products, so can be confident they’re not a typical take-your-money-and-run outfit.

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