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& the thing is There are heaps of Proud Boys still on there & your average boomer grandma is sharing memes from neo-nazi sources without a second thought, I am hard left yes but I’m not extreme, it’s not like I was sharing ACAB, Eat the rich, Guilotine your landlord type stuff.  But I have been open about the fact that I, & others I know reported Brenton Tarrant(without naming him on FB) to the National Security Hotline in 2016 yet post Christchurch Australian authorities had claimed to be unaware of him. Also I have been vocal about the 2018 branch stacking of NSW Young Nationals by members of the neo-nazi group Antipodean Resistance(Without naming the organisation on FB), I’ve been vocal that one of their members(who still has a FB account btw) got himself on the campaign staff for my town’s state member & was responsible for the posting of neo-nazi posters around town over a six month period.

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