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I think we can extend this to YouTube channels.

The Proper People tends to be my go-to for Urban Exploration.  They explore places in a way that’s not overly tacky.

The Oddity Archive I came across a few years ago when I found his video on the Max Headroom signal intrusion.  He does some good stuff on vintage media formats as well as just weird pop culture.

I tend to like the Techmoan channel for a similar reason.  He seems to find some vintage media formats and equipment and geeks out on them.

The Computerphile channel is one that I like for the geek factor alone. They also do have some videos that have a vintage computer focus, using BBC Micro, Acorn Archimedes and Atari ST equipment.

Finally Tom Scott tends to have a good mix of nerdery, interesting places and other such frivolities.  I do miss his Citation Needed series.  After 8 seasons I think they felt it time to move on, but it was a format that just worked so well.





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