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What sort of price range were you looking at?

I was trying to find a little bit of information earlier to see if I can get any information – from what I can understand, that size is when you start going from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars.  There weren’t any particular model recommendations, but did come across this which depending on your budget may be a goer.

Edit: Eek.  Still having the problem with links (the last bug that i’m trying to get quashed and it’s not dying easily!)  The one I uncovered was the Modix Big60 V3.

One thing that was noted that you’ll need to make sure you have an enclosure of sorts to keep everything warm to avoid warping from parts cooling off too soon, as well as having the scaffolding available to support a structure that large.  Though you possibly already know this :)

Hopefully that’s at least some use to you.

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