I tried XBox Gamepass and i like it

If you are a casual gamer who like to try out new games but dont want to spend the big money to own the gamesss Xbox Gamepass is pretty nifty. I fell for a first month 1 USD try it out and its been fun testing new games I was curious on. So yes im keeping it for now at least – the 10 USD a month is not to expensive you can always cancel some other streaming service like netflix.. :)

And yes you dont need an Xbox – a modern windows computer with windows 10 works fine.

Link to article below

…Game Pass was pretty big last month, but even from that perspective, the last two weeks have been massive. Microsoft and Xbox’s subscription service is continuing Katamari-like trek through the game industry, scooping up titles at a rate that is actually beginning to approximate that fabled “Netflix of Game”


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