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Pigs Can Be Trained To Play Video Games With Their Snouts, Study Reveals

The pigs were trained at a “rudimentary joystick-operated video game task” that had originally been created to test chimpanzees and rhesus monkeys. They learned how to manipulate a joystick with their snouts to move a computer cursor across a screen. Once they maneuvered the cursor to hit a wall, a treat dispenser connected to the joystick would deliver a snack.

One day they might fly sauce

The Crispy Geek Arcade

You may have noticed the Arcade menu.  Yes, the site does have Solitaire, Reversi and Minesweeper available.  (Sssh…don’t tell anyone…this was going to be for another project, but then I decided not to use them there, so given I’ve paid for them I’ve moved them here).

If these take off, you might be able to convince me to add a few more games. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!