Possible gaming night?

Hi everyone,

This came up as a bit of discussion off-air after doing the latest podcast record.

In an effort to drive a bit of engagement with the site, would there be any interest in doing a regular gaming night?  I’ve got a few avenues I could go down – for instance setting up Minecraft, or run through some of the Jackbox games.  I’m also open to possibly other games, though I don’t necessarily have a huge budget to add the games to my library

I’ve got a Twitch and Discord account set up from some previous stuff and that can be reused if necessary, though at the moment it doesn’t carry the CrispyGeek branding.  I’m open to people’s ideas as to what form would that take (ie. broadcast through Twitch, or just do it via Discord).  Let me know in the comments and we can start working towards something to get us started.

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