Twitch might be testing a streamer scoring system to facilitate ad sales

Twitch appears to be toying with a program that automatically rates streamers based on a handful of factors — including age, suspension history and partnership status — in order to pair them with advertisers. It’s called the Brand Safety Score, and it was discovered in Twitch’s internal API by cybersecurity student Daylam Tayari, who posted images of the changelog on Twitter.

A Twitch spokesperson stopped short of confirming the existence of the Brand Safety Score to Engadget, but offered the following statement


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  • Kat

    March 12, 2021 at 4:28 pm

    I always thought Twitch needed to make the first account free, but any new accounts you had to pay for. It would stop a lot of trolling. There is no such thing as the Ban Hammer in Twitch.

  • dogwomble

    March 12, 2021 at 10:46 pm

    Yeah, the problem with doing that is it’s a lot harder to implement than you would first think. The reason for that is that the most popular way of detecting that is via IP address because that used to be a relatively easy way to identify an individual connection. This causes complications, partly because all the devices in your house share the same IP address and it’s fairly normal for different members of the same household to have their own Twitch accounts. Add to this, with Carrier-grade NAT basically becoming a necessary evil, a single IP address can now represent hundreds, or potentially thousands, of an internet provider’s customers. Doing it this way would be problematic because you can no longer rely on the IP address to be able to identify a single customer.

    The only other option I could see would be to try and use the browser to hand over more details about the hardware that it’s running on to try and identify individual machines, but the privacy advocates would be all over that like a rash, so I don’t see that becoming a thing any time soon, if it were even possible with current-generation browsers.

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