Windows Phone failed, but its design stood the test of time

In 2012, the smartphone market was exploding with some insane competition. Mobile operating systems were desperately trying to catch up to Apple and the iPhone. During this time, platforms like WebOS and Blackberry were still in the game. But they were on their way out, as they struggled to create an ecosystem of apps as Android and iOS had done. However, not everyone had given up to Google and Apple just yet, as Microsoft pushed its new Windows Phone platform on a large assortment of new smartphones.

Windows Phone shared more similarities with iOS and Android than BlackBerry did, in the sense that it focused more on the on-screen keyboard and a better app marketplace. Microsoft also benefited from having many different hardware manufacturers creating high-end devices that ran the Windows Phone OS. The vast variety of phone options, with top-of-the-line specs, put Windows Phone right up there with Android and iPhone, even if only for a very brief period.


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